My training Mentality, Principals, and Guidelines.
Mentality For many people, going to the gym, exercising, and keeping track of their meals everyday have become a chore that is dreaded. something that must be done in order to look good, feel good, and be accepted by their peers and the standards of our society today.
What many people do not realize is that exercising, weight lifting and overall fitness is a journey that will require time and patience. The process of "shapeshifting" from figure A to figure B, from major health issues to none is a never-ending process. 
Principals Training have become an outlet for me to do more, move more, be and stay productive. I start my day with either a fasted cardio early in the morning between 4:30am - 6:30am or straight to the gym to workout. It sucks waking up that early and i sure do not enjoy doing cardio, BUT it helps me get started with my day. i start my day with my most dreaded task and that task, once completed, will lead to another. When i have a good workout, my body starts to release endorphins, i feel good! i feel like i can accomplish any task, any project that i set out to do. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. and thats the only way i can keep myself wired and driven. If i miss a workout or do not follow through my list of things to do, my whole day is ruined. This is why training is such a big and important part of my life. It helps and keeps me performing at my peak.
Guidelines Going to the gym is just the first step. Doing random workouts will make you feel better about yourself for a couple of days until you run out of options and things to do. Your desire to lose weight and build muscle is still there and going strong... as you tell yourself you're going to start fresh, look good, and be a brand new person while you burn your lungs out, gasping for air running on the treadmill. Its been 15 minutes, you're dripping in sweat so you decided to call it and head home. on the kitchen counter, a plate of quinoa, fillet of salmon and steamed broccoli is waiting for you because meal prep! You're Healthy now, so that must mean your stubborn belly fat should be on its way out and hello 6 pack abs in the morning! FXCK YEAH!
A month later..... you wake up in the morning, you step on the scale and you have no idea why your weight isn't moving the way you'd expect it to with all the vegetables you've been eating. You realize that you've been going to the gym every single day and now you don't know what else to work on. You've hit chest and arms 5 days in a row, you can't stand being on a treadmill and you absolutely hate the smell of chicken and broccoli...
Alright Jokes aside...
Think of weight loss as a destination... if for the longest time you struggled to get there, what do you think would be the difference as if you decided to drive to a place, a mall, a park or a different town that you've never been to, without knowing the physical address? NOTHING... and guess what, you may or may never get there. if you do, it may take a lot longer than you expected. imagine the time, money, gas, and effort you've wasted trying to get there all because you failed to obtain the address... The same applies to any fitness goals. you need a map, a plan, and proper execution!
Every aspect of fitness, weather its weight loss, body building, strength training, calisthenics, yoga, or whatever it maybe, it requires a specific formula. Said formula starts with your DIET. Nutrition allows your body to do certain things, to perform at different levels. So without proper nutrition, shapeshifting from one figure to another will be very, very slow or the results will be minimal to non as far as body composition. Next would be Training routine. Adding weight lifting to your routine can be beneficial to a certain point. If your goal is to gain strength or increase in muscle mass or definition, and your training pattern isn't tailored to your goals, like your diet, you progress are going to very slow or minimal to none. Last would be Rest and Recovery. Resting to allow your body to recover from the constant abuse and beating you put it through is as important as the factors above. Having a healthy and well balanced diet can help increase in recovery but even then, it is always advised to let the body, muscle, bones, joints, to recover and heal.
Proper NutritionSystematic training routine, and Adequate rest period are the three main components and big key factors to be becoming successful in any fitness journey.