Personal Training



THE BEST Personal Training service you will ever invest in!
Want to know what's better than random workouts and "eating healthy"?
An actual Training and Nutrition Program with Accountability.
You're one Program away.
I am offering my service for 8-16 weeks. In that time i will teach you how to manage your diet / eating habits and training routine to either promote significant fat loss or how to gain muscle and strength. As well as how you are going to maintain and improve your progress once we part ways. 
I will act as your coach and guide you through the process from day 1 until you are comfortable training by yourself and know how to incorporate proper nutrition into your training pattern with confidence. 
How do i sign up and what do i need to know?
Determine what your goals are, review the prices down below and Sign up!
Once you have signed up you will be directed to my training-App (No, we won't be using PDF Files anymore). 
You will create a Log-In Account and fill out a consultation form which i will use to determine which method and approach will be ideal to your specific goals. A Phone call or FaceTime will be done (with approval from both parties) if necessary, for me to conduct a proper fitness assessment. 
Whats included with this service? 
Full Fitness Assessment via Phone Call, Video Chat, ETC.
Fully customized training plan (Changes and Adjusted Weekly or often as needed.
Fully customized macronutrient & diet plan (Adjust as often as needed) Work / life schedule accommodation (We can discuss about your full schedule and i will make some suggestions of the best possible times you can Cook, meal prep, train, and have your meals.