• Eddy Concepcion

5 Fitness Tips to stay in Shape while in quarantine! 2020

If you're reading this chances are you are one of many fitness fanatics struggling to keep up with their 2020 New year resolution. This year was going to be THE YEAR! new year, new opportunities and new fitness goals. all good until Corona Virus decided to show up and put us all on lockdown... in this article i will talk about 5 fitness tips you can start doing to stay on track and prevent any serious damage done to your fitness project!

1. Stay Active! this is by far the best way to keep your body from storing unwanted fat during this quarantine. You don't need a big fancy gym to sweat! set up a time(s) at some point of the day to get your steps in. go for a run or jog early in the morning to kickstart your body's metabolism. work on projects, walk your dog, clean around the house, etc. Just move and avoid being stagnant in the house.

2. Clean & Healthy Diet Quarantine and Lock Down do not mean you get to eat everything on site! the gyms are closed but it doesn't mean you can't eat healthy and meal prep. If there's a perfect time to start meal prepping, it would be now! now is the best time to start eating healthy and learn how to properly prepare meals for the whole day.

3. Keep the Snacks minimal Constantly running up and down the stairs to grab snacks from the fridge or pantry every 5 minutes will set you up for a downfall sooner or later. You are NOT Hungry, you are bored! i understand its difficult to not binge eat during times like this but you must limit yourself with the calories. accumulation of calories and stored unwanted fat has never been so easy. you are 40% less active with more caloric intake. its not a question wether you're going to gain weight but a question as to how fast!

4. Journal / Motivation Do not lose sight of your fitness goals! keeping a journal, writing and setting your goals or tasks for the whole day, week or even month will keep you on track. Having a clear end goal will keep you motivated to stay focused. Summer is around the corner! are you really going to let this time be the same as the last? Being on lockdown is not a good excuse. This is suppose to be the time that you reached a higher level of mental state and physical fitness. Don't give up, you got this!

5. Be creative Your house is full of gym equipment that you didn't know exist. look around and see what you can squat, shoulder press, curl, jump on, etc. You have a hallway to do lunges on, a living room to do push ups, sit ups and burpees on. bench or couch to do dips on. the list go's on! sure it may not be the best or exciting but theres ways. As long as you keep #4 in mind you'll make way.

You can also build your own equipment! Lowes and Home Depot have never been such great places to go to and find materials to build fun things with. Check out this guy who built his own squat rack using 2x3 from home depot all for $50!

This year is half way through and it seems as if we haven't gotten much work done. unfortunately this is our current situation and theres not a whole lot we can do about it. Dumping all of your progress that you've worked so hard for would be a shame if you just decide to slow down and wait for things to get back to normal which, if were being honest, isn't happening anytime soon. So.... How about we pick things up and continue to work and progress!